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We are pleased to announce that the Redlands Symphony plans to return to live performances, starting with our season-opening concert in October 2021.

Our plans to return to live performances have been in the works for several months. With the State's recent announcement about broad reopening plans targeted to take effect this summer, those plans are on track to becoming a reality.

The orchestra's ability to reopen will be dependent on the continued improvement of regional COVID numbers and following whatever guidelines are set by the State and the County of San Bernardino Health Department for indoor concerts.

"We are so grateful to our Redlands Symphony family for their patience and support throughout these past months," said Marilyn Solter, Chair of the Symphony's board of directors, "Our plans to reopen will, of course, be guided by our concern for the health and safety of our audience members, our musicians, and our staff. But if nothing negative happens, we'll be seeing you back on stage very soon."

You can see our Season 21-22 lineup You can see our Season 21-22 lineup on our website.

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