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Each of the movements is played by a different string player. Two movements are played on the cello, two on the viola, and two on the bass. This transference to different instruments was a common practice in the 18th century and would not have surprised Bach at all.

Bach’s six suites for solo cello are among the most beloved works in history. They were written between 1717 and 1723 in Kürten in Germany. This was Bach’s only job not connected to the church. So, he was free to write purely instrumental works and he really went to town. These suites (and much of Bach’s music) were totally forgotten during much of the 19th Century.

It was only during the early 20th Century when they republished and popularized by the famous Catalan cellist, Pablo Casals. He recorded them in the 1930s. The first suite, which the musicians play here, is comprised of five traditional Baroque dance movements, preceded by a wonderful prelude.

Our video features:

  • Jaqueline Menter, Cellist
  • Kira Blumberg, Principal Violist
  • Kyle Champion, Principal Cellist
  • Kate Reddish, Associate Principal Violist
  • Scott Worthington, Principal Bass
  • Connie Deeter, Associate Principal Bass

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