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Last season, we shared a series of free online concerts known as our Signature Series. These virtual performances offered an amazing opportunity for us to connect with you when we couldn’t be together in person.

While the Signature Series was engaging, we missed you terribly. We longed for the intensity and excitement of sharing live music together in Memorial Chapel.

It’s a topic that several of our musicians and Ransom Wilson discussed at the end of our Signature Series finale, The Redlands Strings. 

In case you missed the virtual concert last April, we're sharing the roundtable discussion for you to enjoy.

Here are a couple of insights our musicians shared about the importance and value an audience brings:

“When I practice here, it’s for me. It’s for me. It’s inward. But when there is an audience, I am projecting to them. It’s such a bigger scope than me practicing for myself. It makes the music go out more and makes it bigger. That’s what I feel that I missed,” — Cathy Biagini, cello
“I feel like the energy from the audience makes me play better. And it’s a reciprocal relationship. We give energy to each other. And I really miss the energy of an audience.” — Kira Blumberg, viola

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Members of the Conversation

  • Cathy Biagini, cello
  • Kira Blumberg, viola
  • Kyle Champion, cello
  • Sam Fischer, violin
  • Joanna Lee, violin
  • Kate Reddish, viola
  • Ransom Wilson, host

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