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Enjoy the Concert by Vari WInds

Did you enjoy the video? See our 2022 production of Peter and the Wolf for our OrKIDStra Program.

About the Performance

March is a special month. Not only is it Women's History month, but it's also Music in Schools Month. Redlands Symphony has always been deeply committed to fostering music education.

For years we've supported local schools with our OrKIDstra program. And in the past year, we dedicated ourselves to continue supporting parents and kids with at-home learning activities and virtual concerts. Your Symphony also encourages members to volunteer and mentor young musicians.

Ransom Wilson, your music director, leads this mission by great example. He has been virtually mentoring a student group over the last year called Vari Winds.

They meet once a week, play over Zoom, and receive expert insights from Ransom on all matters musical. It's been a challenge since all meetings are remote, but they have produced a musical project of incredible quality.

Each performer is in a different location. They used a “layered” recording technique where the first musician records her track, then sends it to the second person, who records her part on top of the first one, and so on.

Nikki Pet, Vari Winds' leader, then synched all recordings, adding in both narration and animation. (It's fabulous and very professionally done!)

We're grateful for Nikki, and her friends Elise Conti, Olivia Martinez, Danielle Maeng, and Katia Osorio for their creativity, joy for performing, and stellar dedication to Classical Music.

Watch this performance. It will warm your heart and give you a true sense of joy.


  • Directed, Produced, Edited, and Illustrated by Nikki Pet
  • Danielle Maeng, Flute
  • Elise Conti, Oboe
  • Nikki Pet, Clarinet
  • Katia Osorio, Bassoon
  • Olivia Martinez, Horn
  • Russel Fisher, Percussion
  • Narrated by John Horzen
  • Coached by Ransom Wilson, Yale School of Music Professor of Flute
  • Music composed by Sergei Prokofiev, arranged by Earl North

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