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Established in 1998, OrKIDstra (one of our youth education programs) works to increase elementary school students’ abilities to perceive, comprehend, and appreciate all styles of music. Over 100,00 local children have had the opportunity to participate in this program.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Redlands Symphony is grateful to our donors for their major support of our OrKIDstra Programs. Our production of Peter and The Wolf is made possible by:

  • San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
  • Pacific Life Foundation
  • Versacare Fund
  • California Arts Council
  • Marilyn Solter & Family
  • Beaver Medical Group
  • Generous Gifts from our Family of Redlands Symphony Supporters

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An Overview of Peter & the Wolf

In Peter and the Wolf, Sergei Prokofiev created a musical story. Each character in the story was played by a different instrument. Let’s meet them!

Peter’s friend the Bird is played by the flute, chirping away up high.

The Duck loves swimming around the pond. She’s played by the oboe.

Then there’s the sly Cat, who’s always trying to catch the Bird. The clarinet imitates his stealthy prowl.

Grandfather may be an old man, but he’s protective and loving. His shuffling walk is played by the bassoon.

Peter sitting near the Bird and the Duck in the meadow
Peter visits the meadow with his animal friends.

When the wolf arrives, the French horns create an ominous atmosphere.

A band of hunters are announced by the winds and brass, playing a little march. You’ll even hear the hunters’ gunshots in the timpani and bass drum!

And finally, the strings will portray our hero: Peter!

Our story starts in the big meadow near Peter’s house. The Bird and Duck are arguing: should birds fly, or should they swim? Suddenly Peter shouts a warning, and the Bird flies up into the tree, narrowly escaping the Cat’s pounce!

As the Cat ponders how to get to the Bird, Grandfather comes out of the house and warns Peter that he shouldn’t be playing in the meadow. There are wolves around! Sure enough, no sooner does Grandfather take Peter back into the house than a Wolf emerges from the woods. Before Duck can escape, the Wolf swallows her! He paces around, staring hungrily at the Bird and Cat, who leaped up to a branch.

Peter sees all this happen from his yard, and he knows he has to help. He grabs a rope and climbs up into the tree from the stone wall. Using the rope, Peter and the Bird work together to capture the Wolf by the tail. The Wolf tries to escape, but it’s no use!

Meanwhile, a band of Hunters emerges from the woods. They tracked the Wolf to the meadow and plan to shoot it. But to their surprise, Peter and his friends have already dealt with the Wolf! Instead of shooting the Wolf, Peter begs the Hunters to help him take it to the zoo. In a triumphant march, Peter leads the Hunters and all of his friends from the meadow to the City Zoo.

Peter leads the triumphant procession to the city zoo.

And if you listen very carefully... you can still hear the Duck quacking deep inside the Wolf’s belly.

Grandfather is not very happy about all that transpires, but if Peter hadn't caught the wolf, what then?

We Hope You Enjoyed the Concert

Thank you for watching our performance! We hope to see you at our live concerts for even more beautiful music.

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