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We're Back on October 9!

It’s a moment of both great relief and tremendous joy to see that opening night is on the calendar: the day when we will, at long last, be able to see one another again and experience a live performance of moving music!

As we prepared our return to the concert hall, it was clear we needed to make this an occasion of celebration.

We want to celebrate how much it means to enjoy musical performances in the company of family, friends, and neighbors — and how keenly we’ve felt its absence.

We want to celebrate the incredible diversity and variety of musical and artistic expression represented in our community and nation.

And we want to celebrate each of you, our patrons, and the support you’ve shown us over the past year.

A Quick Look at the Program

After a year in which we’ve all done our best to take care of one another and persevere as a community, it seemed appropriate to herald our return to live performance with the majestic Fanfare for the Common Man — a piece written to celebrate, not kings or legendary figures, but the inherent dignity and value that each of us possesses. Composed by Aaron Copland as our nation fought the Second World War, this work for brass and percussion never fails to inspire awe and hope. We can take pride in knowing that the expansive opening intervals were created to celebrate all of us.

Ransom Wilson
Ransom Wilson conducts the Redlands Symphony

The Redlands Symphony and its conductor, Ransom Wilson, have long had a special connection to the music of Mozart. His overture to The Magic Flute is a lively piece that introduces an opera celebrating humanity’s ability to overcome trials.

In 1996, George Walker was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Music — the first Black composer to receive the distinction. Walker’s music exudes a deep sense of beauty and emotion, drawing upon the many musical traditions of our nation. His Lyric for Strings was composed when he was only 24, but its moving melodies and lush harmonies have entranced audiences since its premiere in 1946.

One of the great joys of a Redlands Symphony concert is the opportunity to hear the world’s finest musicians join us as guest artists. On this opening night, the great René Izquierdo will share the beauty and passion of classical guitar as the soloist in Joaquín Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez. The famous and familiar melodies of the world’s most famous guitar concerto never fail to stir the hearts of listeners.

René Izquierdo
Guitarist René Izquierdo (photo: Rachel Nicole)

Our opening night concludes with a piece that has become synonymous with triumph and celebration: Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. From the moment it opens with the most famous four notes in music history, this piece will take us on an epic journey to a grand and majestic conclusion.

We Look Forward to Seeing You at Memorial Chapel

The countdown has begun! October 9th will be here faster than we know it. Single tickets are available online. Now is the time to lock in your subscriber benefits and enjoy all the concerts we have planned this season.

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Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

We'll be sharing more insights from Ransom and our musicians as we get closer to the concert. Thank you for being so supportive!

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