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About the Episode

In Bohemia, the trumpets never call to battle. They always call to the dance.
- Rafael Kubelik

Few societies are prouder of their music than the Czechs. This small country has had an outsized influence on the history of classical music. Discover the tuneful melodies and rhythmic energy of three iconic Czech composers in this episode of Rewind.

The spirit of Bohemian folk dance fills the overture to Bedřich Smetana's The Bartered Bride, the first Czech opera to enter the standard repertoire. Bohuslav Martinů's Sinfonietta La Jolla was written for the Musical Arts Society of La Jolla, California, after he emigrated to the United States to escape the Communist government of Czechoslovakia. Our program ends with Antonín Dvořák's Eighth Symphony, a free-flowing stream of orchestral color and lyrical melodies, filled with the joy and beauty of Czech culture.

Performance Program:

  • Smetana: Overture to The Bartered Bride
  • Martinů: Sinfonietta La Jolla, III. Allegro
  • Dvořák: Symphony No. 8

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