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About the Episode

No composer in history has been played as often or caused as much heated feeling about the deepest meanings of his works as Ludwig van Beethoven. 

Festivals featuring Beethoven abound the world over, and for good reason. There’s nothing that compares to his ability to make us feel sadness, tragedy, humor, and pure unalloyed joy — often in the same piece.

Our concert includes his exciting Fidelio Overture and his monumental and beloved Seventh Symphony. Plus, you'll be treated to a compelling violin concerto by Max Bruch that masterfully balances melodic simplicity and virtuosity.

Performance Program:

  • Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Fidelio Overture
  • Max BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, op. 26
  • Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 7 in A major, op. 92 

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