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Auditions and Job Openings

Upcoming Auditions

The Redlands Symphony is hosting auditions for the first time in more than 10 years.

Contact David Scott, our personnel manager, to learn more about this opportunity. Email your resume and cover letter to

Auditions will be held in Early May.

Monday, May 8 at Local 47

Audition Times
  • Principal Second Violin: 4pm-7pm
  • Section Violins, Firsts (One position) and Seconds (Two positions): 8pm-11pm
Audition Excerpts to Prepare

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Note: finalists in the Principal Second Violin Audition may be advanced to the finals of the Section Violin positions.

Wednesday, May 10 at Local 47

Audition Times
  • Associate Principal Cello: 9-11:30am
  • Section Double Bass (2 Positions): 12:30pm-3pm
Audition Excerpts to Prepare

Friday, May 12 at University of Redlands

Audition Times
  • Associate Principal Viola: 9am-12pm
Audition Excerpts to Prepare

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Coming 05/13/17

Bizet - Rimsky-Korsakov - Ravel
Be captivated by Ransom Wilson

Get swept off your feet by the sumptuous melodies of Spain.

Join us for the catchy tunes of Bizet's Carmen and the hypnotic passion of Ravel's Boléro.

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