Upcoming Concerts

An Evening of Firsts

11/16/19 at 08:00pm • Tickets start at $18.00

We open our season with the youthful exuberance of Beethoven and Mahler's first symphonies, and introduce the world premiere of a new work to celebrate our 70th year.

A Classical Christmas

12/14/19 at 08:00pm • Tickets start at $18.00

We're back with even more songs of the season! You and your loved ones will be entranced by all your favorite carols, appearing in both traditional and surprising ways.

String Serenade

01/18/20 at 08:00pm • Tickets start at $18.00

Experience the artistry of the Redlands Symphony strings as they bring you the lush melodies of Holst, Ravel, and Tchaikovsky.

Mozart: The Voice of Genius

02/15/20 at 08:00pm • Tickets start at $18.00

Our annual celebration of history’s greatest composer enters its 8th year! Renowned pianist Anne-Marie McDermott joins us for two of Mozart’s greatest concertos, and the evening comes to a climax with the passionate “Great” G minor Symphony.

Brahms: Passion & Tenderness

03/21/20 at 08:00pm • Tickets start at $18.00

Few composers unite the heart and the mind like Johannes Brahms, and few works demonstrate this fusion of emotion and intellect more than the composer’s powerful final symphony. His Academic Festival Overture, on the other hand, delivers an intricately-structured collection of songs that sparkle with wit and humor.

Celebrate America

05/02/20 at 08:00pm • Tickets start at $18.00

Join in our thrilling celebration of the joy, energy, and diversity of American music. Tap your feet to dance music from Still and Copland, be awed by Joan Tower’s response to Copland’s famous fanfare, and thrill to the Coltrane-inspired virtuosity of John Adams’ spirited Saxophone Concerto.

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