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We open our first-ever digital concert series with two masterworks, both showcasing the beauty of improvisation.

Performed by renowned French pianist François Dumont, the two works aren’t commonly played together. They were chosen during these unique times due to their visionary nature.

About Our Signature Series

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About the Piano Masterpieces

Beethoven’s emblematic work – “Moonlight” Sonata – is known as his Fifth Symphony, or as the Ode to Joy! It could be thought of as one of the greatest improvisations, as the relatively short piece explores the highs and lows of human feeling.

Chopin rarely liked to perform in front of large crowds, making his work a particularly fitting choice to be enjoyed in the intimacy of your home. While the Four Ballades were surely influenced by the poet Mickiewicz, the music is not programmatic, leaving room for creativity and inspiration to take hold.

This free digital concert includes an introduction by Ransom Wilson and an interview with François Dumont.

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Additional Information

Saturday evening’s concert was as good as any I have attended the Redlands Symphony in the 17 years I have purchased season tickets.

Anne-Marie McDermott’s performance was absolutely amazing, and it was a rare privilege to be in the audience to hear her perform. The orchestra rose to the occasion, as they have for every concert Maestro Wilson has conducted.

We are so fortunate to have this wonderful director, orchestra, and guest musicians play for us.

Concert Info

Performed by: Redlands Symphony 11/14/20 at 08:00pm 11/15/20 at 04:00pm

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