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Great Music is a Choice. Having a high-caliber, professional orchestra like the Redlands Symphony in our community and the region isn’t an accident; it’s a choice. Your choice.

You are choosing to support the region’s finest musicians performing world-class music — right here.

You are choosing to make sure young people can explore music through free, live concerts and other music education programs that enrich their lives and help build tomorrow’s musicians.

Call the Symphony office at 909.587.5565 for more information about how you can help keep the music playing.

Contribute to the Symphony

Our 6-year-old son was the youngest (attending the Redlands Symphony Summer Music Academy), and he was embraced immediately from 'hello'. At the end of the two weeks he discovered a new way to open his heart, to communicate and to express himself. He found like-minded friends who spoke the same language and walked the same walk.

Redlands Symphony's mission carries so much integrity and love that it’s hard to believe! We have been given a new hope, a new way to help our son and possibly make his future dream(s) come true!

From A Letter Sent By Henry and Nora P.

Help Local Kids Experience Music

Contribute to the Symphony

You Make All of This is Right Here Possible

Only about 23% of the cost to operate and maintain the symphony comes from ticket sales.

The rest comes from the generosity of our patrons, grants, contract concerts, and community businesses.

Contributions allow us to keep ticket prices affordable. They help us maintain the Redlands Symphony as a premier regional cultural and arts organization.

And, they enable us to keep providing music education programs, while enhancing the quality of life in our community.

More than 20,000 audience members and 6,000 young people are touched by the music and programs offered by the Redlands Symphony every year.

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Contribute to the Symphony

Give the Gift That’s Right for You

Every gift, no matter its size, is important and helps us serve our mission to enrich our community through the beauty of music.

The Annual Fund

A gift of any amount to the Annual Fund goes directly to help underwrite the costs of annual operating expenses including paying musicians, renting music, and providing free concerts for children. Donors are acknowledged in concert programs throughout the season. Make a donation today.

The Golden Baton Society

Pledges and gifts of $500 or more for 5 consecutive years receive special acknowledgment in concert programs. Golden Baton Society members receive invitations to special events featuring orchestra musicians and visiting guest artists, including the annual Golden Baton Society luncheon.

Season & Concert Sponsorships

Donors of $20,000 or more are identified as season sponsors with a special acknowledgment in concert programs, press releases, and printed materials.

Donors of $10,00 or more may be identified as concert sponsors for the regular season. Concert sponsors are acknowledged in the program for their concert, press releases, and printed materials.

Tribute Gifts

Donors of $2,500 or more may select a regular season concert as a tribute to a family member, friend, special occasion or a loved one who has passed. Donations of a lesser amount are gratefully accepted and noted in the season concert program as a “tribute” or “in memory of” gift.

Musician Sponsorships

Donors making a gift starting at $1,000 or more may elect to sponsor a musician in the orchestra. Musician sponsors are acknowledged in the program.

The Jon Robertson Legacy Endowment

The Jon Robertson Legacy Endowment was created to honor the legacy of Maestro Jon Robertson. Jon served as the Symphony’s Music Director and Conductor for more than 30 years. This $1.2 million-dollar (and growing) fund is used to support the direct expense of the music director’s position and music education programs for kids.

The Symphony Legacy Society

Insure the long-term stability and growth of the Redlands Symphony by including us in your estate plan. Symphony Legacy Society gifts may provide significant tax advantages for you and your heirs. Society members receive special acknowledgement in regular season concert programs.

Business Partners

Market your business to one of Redlands’ most prestigious audiences. The Redlands Symphony offers unique opportunities for co-marketing, special ticket offers, and ways to reward employees. Please contact the symphony office to begin the conversation.

No gift is too small and every gift is received with gratitude.

Make an Impact. Give Generously.

Call our office at 909.587.5565 or donate online.

Contribute to the Symphony

Strategic Gifts with Lasting Influence

Consult your financial advisor and tax professional for details. This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult your attorney, tax accountant or financial advisor.

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You can create a DAF by partnering with a public charity that sponsors them. By contributing cash or other assets to the sponsoring charity, you become eligible for an immediate tax deduction. You can then support the causes that are important to you by making grants from your DAF to any IRS-qualified charity.

Use Your Appreciated Securities to Make a Difference

By donating long-term appreciated securities, your charitable giving can have greater impact. You can gift the securities directly to the charity of your choice or use them to fund a Donor-Advised Fund, if you have one.

Contributing long-term appreciated securities in this way may provide more money to your charity, minimize capital gains tax exposure, and allow you to take a tax deduction. There are guidelines and rules that must be followed. You should consult your financial advisor or tax professional for details.

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There are rules and requirements that must be followed. You should consult your financial advisor and tax professional for details.

Major Corporate Sponsors and Grant Makers

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The Redlands Symphony is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions to the Redlands Symphony are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

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