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Redlands Symphony | Redlands Symphony Association Equity Statement

Redlands Symphony Association Equity Statement

The Redlands Symphony Association’s (RSA) equity goal is to serve our mission of providing exceptional classical symphonic music programs that entertain and educate, while creating an artistic community that promotes equity, diversity, fairness, and equal access for everyone. The RSA does now and always has abhorred discrimination of any kind.

By our policies and our programs, we strive to reflect the broad multicultural tradition of all who live in Redlands and our surrounding community.

We consider ourselves to be responsible stewards of a precious artistic form. In that role, we believe it is our duty to present classical symphonic music in a range of options including the concert hall, the classroom and in the broader community. While we respect the importance and value of all musical forms, we are dedicated to the classical repertoire. All our programming shall emanate from this commitment.

As we pursue musical artists, organizational leadership – both volunteer and professional – and provide opportunities for people to make and experience classical music, we are committed to treating all people in an equitable manner.

We understand that the successful creation of a sustainable equity-based, democratic community, requires intentional decisions that reflect these values and an ongoing effort to avoid creating barriers that distract from this commitment. To this end, RSA’s leadership agrees to periodically review the current status of the organization’s promise to pursue this path and make adjustments when necessary.

Approved by the RSA Board – December 16, 2020

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