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Scott Worthington


Scott Worthington has been playing bass with the Redlands Symphony for the last three years. In addition to his work with the Redlands Symphony, this Mission Viejo native performs with Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay and the San Bernardino Symphony.

In 2015, The New Yorker named Scott's album Prism one of the top ten classical albums of the year.

Where did you study?
In high school, I mostly studied jazz with bassist Christoph Luty and trombonist/composer Joey Sellers. From there, I went to the Eastman School of Music, where I ultimately focused on classical performance with James VanDemark.

While there, I spent three summers at the Lucerne Festival Academy, playing contemporary orchestral music under composer/conductor Pierre Boulez. After undergrad, I went to UC San Diego and focused on contemporary solo and chamber music with avant-garde bassist/composer Mark Dresser.

What are some of your favorite composers and pieces?
Catherine Lamb, Kevin Shields, Éliane Radigue, Anthony Braxton. I really like Wayne Shorter's "Orbits" on Miles Davis' Miles Smiles-- or just that whole album. Anything by Charlie Parker, but especially "Moos the Mooche", "Koko", and "Donna Lee".

Two of my favorite classical pieces are Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 and Debussy's La Mer.

Tell us about your instrument.
My bass was built for me by Barrie Kostein in New York. It's a copy of an 18th-century Italian instrument, and I have never wished it to be a flute.

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