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In the Beautiful Month of May - Lyrics (6)

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Part III

Der Leiermann
(The Organ Grinder)
(music: Franz Schubert, Winterreise; text: Wilhelm Müller)

There, behind the village
Stands an organ grinder.
And with scarred fingers,
He plays what he can.

He stumbles to and fro.
And his little cup
Remains forever empty.

No one wants to hear him.
No one looks at him.
And the dogs growl
At the old man.

And he says, “Whatever happens,

Father Time,
Should I go with you?
Do you want to play my song
On your barrel organ?”

Kennst du das Land?
(Do You Know the Land?)
(music: Robert Schumann; text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Do you know the land where the lemons bloom
In dark foliage with golden orange glow,
A gentle breeze blowing from blue skies,
The myrtle stands still and the laurel high?.

Do you really know it?
It’s there I want to take you, my beloved.

Do you know the house? Its roof rests on columns,
The hall gleams
And marble statues stand and look at me!
What have they done to you, poor child?

Do you really know it? It’s there...

Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen
(A Boy Loved a Girl)
(music: Robert Schumann, Dichterliebe; text: Heinrich Heine)

A boy loved a girl
who had chosen another.
The other loved another
and married that one.

The girl married in anger
the first and better man
who had happened to cross her path.
The poor boy feels sick.

It’s an old story,
But it always feels so new.
And when it happens to you,
It’ll break your heart in two.


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