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Redlands Symphony | Wendy Waggener

Wendy Waggener

Member of the Redlands Symphony since 2010

Hometown: Claremont, California

Studied at: Oberlin College and Conservatory, New England Conservatory

Favorite Composer: Wagner

Favorite Orchestral Work to Play: Any Mahler symphony

Favorite Orchestral Work to Hear: Barber's Piano Concerto

Favorite Solo Work to Play: Either the Shostakovich or Barber violin concertos

What’s the most interesting place you’ve performed?
“Freelancing in San Francisco was fun. I played at the Presidio, in private mansions, for museum openings… Once I performed at Hearst Castle and got to use the private restroom with solid gold fixtures!”

Non-musical Hobbies:
“I read as much as possible in my free time. I lived in Japan for a year, and I started aikido training while I was there. Now I go to aikido class as often as I can, and I'm studying Japanese so it's easier to talk with my friends in Kyoto.”

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