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Redlands Symphony | RSA at Home: Peter & the Wolf

RSA at Home: Peter & the Wolf

In Peter & the Wolf, Sergei Prokofiev created a musical story. Each character in the story was played by a different instrument. Here's Disney's classic animated version of Peter & the Wolf. Watch it all the way through!

What to do

While you're watching, pay attention to a couple of things:

  • What instruments does Prokofiev use for each of the characters?
  • How do the musical themes for each character get changed and interact with each other as the story unfolds?

Once you’re done viewing the cartoon, think about these questions and activities:

  • What instrument do you think would best portray your pet? Mom? Dad? Grandma? Grandpa? How about you?
  • What story from your life would you tell if you had an orchestra? Make a list of the characters and decide what instrument would play each of them. (Optional: make-up tunes to portray each character!)
  • If you were telling the story of Peter & the Wolf, what would you change?

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