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Jeux d’Enfants

Composed by

Georges Bizet



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_Jeux d’Enfants _is a piano miniature for four hands composed by Georges Bizet (of _Carmen _fame) in 1871 with a premise that resembles child-like pastimes. This, in part, was due to Bizet knowing he was about to become a father. Indeed, he became the father to Jacques in the summer of 1872. Tragically, Jacques would not get to know his father, as Georges died when his son was three years old. He left behind these twelve miniatures that will entertain any child’s mind. After composing the original version for piano, Bizet reorchestrated five of the twelve movements (6, 3, 2, 11, and 12) for an entire orchestra. “Marche (Trompette et Tambour)” begins with a militaristic march led by the trumpet. Witty passages from the strings respond to continue the spritely rhythms. A dreamy “Berceuse” follows with melancholic melodies in the upper strings. “Impromptu (The spinning top)” uses a scherzo-like pattern to allude to the whirlwind movement of a spinning top. A lovely “Duo” ensues with a romanticized melody in the violins, resembling a nostalgic picture of children couples playing as little husband and wife. The galloping “Galop (Le Bal)” hinges on an energetic presto in duple meter to create the image of a ball bouncing down the stairs. At last, the ball comes to rest, as the orchestra concludes with boisterous chords in A major.

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