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Bryan Reid


Bryan Reid comes from a long line of Redlands residents. His grandparents moved to Redlands from Oklahoma back in the day and ever since, for a total of four generations, Redlands has been home to the Reid family.

Bryan and his wife Susan have been married for 24 years and raised their two children here in Redlands. Daughter Katelyn is now a middle school teacher, and son Davis is a student at Colorado State University. “I am unapologetically passionate about my family,” says Bryan. “That includes my wife, kids, my parents, my siblings, their kids…you name it…I’m a major family fanatic.”

For 24 years, Bryan has been a civil trial lawyer, focusing on the defense of healthcare and long-term care providers. Bryan loves outdoor activities, including surfing, hiking, kayaking and exploring. He’s an avid follower of the LA Kings.

Bryan’s community service resume is long and storied. He has been a member of the Redlands Sunrise Rotary for about 15 years and has served the group as its President. Bryan serves on the board of Redlands Community Hospital Foundation and is also a board member of the Inland Wellness Information Network.

“I am looking forward to being referred to as a ‘star’ for a period of months,” Bryan says. “As a longtime trial lawyer, I have been referred to with many different and interesting superlatives. ‘Star’ has never been one of them.

“Kidding aside, I am truly honored and humbled to be asked to participate in this most worthwhile endeavor. Redlands Symphony contributes to the grace, culture, bonds and legacy of this community, and I hope that my participation in the Gala will provide the Symphony with meaningful financial and energetic support.”

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