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Mary Anne Forrest


Mary Anne Forrest has lived in Redlands for the past 23 years. She is an appellate judicial attorney for the State Court of Appeal in Riverside. Mary Anne has one grown daughter, Alicia, who lives in Los Angeles.

"Until Alicia went off to college," Mary Anne says, "I spent most of my time working and raising my daughter. With Alicia in college, I started taking social dance classes."

Mary Anne is a member of P.E.O. chapter ii, the Leo A. Deegan Inn of Court, and the Riverside County Bar Association. She is a member of the Redlands Congregational Church, where she served on the board of directors and various church committees.

"Dancing with the Stars is my way of giving back to Redlands," Mary Anne says. "My daughter and I have benefited immensely from Redlands arts and education programs, including those provided by the Redlands Symphony and the Redlands Bowl. I hope the money raised at the Gala will sustain these programs for generations to come."

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