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Sue Morasco


Sue Morasco has lived in Redlands since 1985. She and her husband, Jim TenBrink, both work at Esri. Sue works in the Creative Lab as a Producer/Editor/MoGraph Artist.

Sue and Jim’s “family” includes an amazing array of animals, including cats, dogs, fish, and tortoises. Currently, the menagerie includes two rescued sulcatas that were taken in after the most recent local forest fires.

When she has time, Sue enjoys gardening, cycling, swimming, and she loves to cook. Most recently, Sue discovered the joy of dancing. “I have always wanted to dance. I hear music, and I imagine myself dancing to it.” Now, as a member of the Fox Dance Studio, Sue is realizing the full potential of her talent.

Sue is on the board of Redlands Family Services and is a longtime subscriber to the Redlands Symphony.

“Supporting the arts and arts education in our community is a priority in our household,” says Sue. “I am excited and honored to be a part of raising money for both as one of the Dancing Stars at the 2019 Redlands Symphony Gala.”

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